While writing one awesome piece of content is sure to get your clients a few more followers, posting consistently great content is what is sure to keep those numbers increasing. Ultimately, every digital marketing strategy should be focused on ensuring two things:

  1. Quality, and
  2. Consistency.


Here are our top tips for delivering consistent content:


  • Take Note of What Gets the Best Reaction

What type of content is getting the best possible response from your client’s already existing following? What type of content leads to the most engagement in terms of likes, comments and shares? Pay attention to this and mould your future content creation efforts with it in mind.


  • Understand the Basics

When it comes to social media marketing, there are a few key things to remember:

Be strategic in your content creation

Ensure that it is brand-centric and buyer persona focused

Optimise it for search

Ensure that all facts used are accurate

Measure your results


  • Put a Process in Place

Having a solid process in place helps to ensure that content remains consistent in terms of both quality and the frequency that it is posted. The process should cover all bases from brainstorming content topics and ideas to the act of content creation, to editing, to promotion and finally, to measuring the results.


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