Marketing automation can make a huge difference in the lives of internet marketers. Here are a few signs that you need to invest in marketing automation:

You’re constantly playing catch-up on social media

Most of your clients probably have social media accounts by now (and if they don’t, they’re probably interested in pursuing this strategy). Some brands get higher engagement rates on social media, making it crucial to constantly check messages, mentions and feedback on these sites. If you find that you’re always logging in and forwarding queries and requests to the client, it’s time to consider an automated approach.

Sales and leads are slipping through the cracks

You can launch the best lead generation strategy, but if nobody is following up on the leads and closing the deals, then you’re not really adding value to your client’s business.

The turnaround time for online sales is very long

You or your client is constantly answering the same questions from prospective customers and you’re engaging in a lot of back-and-forth between prospects.

You are struggling with reporting

Reporting on your digital marketing efforts and showing your clients their ROI is becoming more important than ever. Marketing automation software can help you easily track your leads and measure your efforts.

Your content is old news before it gets published

With some clients, you will struggle to find content ideas. Other times, there’s so much news and content being generated that you will find it hard to stay on top of your blogging and posting schedule. This is a sign that you need to invest in a marketing automation solution.

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