Blogging is an excellent form of content marketing and as a digital marketing consultant you probably encourage your clients to blog on a regular basis. No matter the industry, everyone has an audience and blogs are a great platform for growing a business and reaching new customers. However, many people feel their blog doesn’t perform well and are discouraged by the lack of traffic and page views. If you’re making changes to your clients’ content marketing strategies, consider these four common blogging mistakes to avoid:

  1. Not having an explicitly clear “Register” or “Sign Up” page where people can subscribe to e-mail updates. Don’t use a pop-up window because many people have pop-up blockers on their laptops and won’t even see it. Don’t have it buried at the bottom of the Contact Us page either, instead, put it right on the home page and at the end of every blog post. Be sure it’s unmissable.
  2. Not directing visitors to a comprehensive landing page. Blog posts are not meant to be sales pitches, so instead of being to ‘sales-y’ in your blog content, direct your readers to a page that gives them more information about your company and your products and services, gives them an opportunity to sign up for e-mails and put clear links to all of your social media sites.
  3. Not posting frequently enough. If your clients are updating their blogs once a month there’s a good chance that subscribers are forgetting about them. We recommend posting at least once a week and keep the content relevant and engaging.
  4. Spending too much time writing blog posts. Many people struggle to write great content and other aspects of their business get neglected. Hire a professional copywriter to do the bulk of the work and use your valuable time for other important tasks.

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