With an algorithm that makes it easier to focus your message on a clearly defined demographic, Twitter has the potential to expose your digital marketing franchise to the right audiences. 

However, with every other business targeting the micro-blogging site for their social media marketing, standing out from the crowd is tough. To rise above all the noise, you need an effective strategy to get your franchise trending, which is easier said than done.

Below we discuss ways you can dominate the conversations on Twitter in under 281 characters, even if it’s only for a short time.

Be the First with the News

Twitter is built for sharing, and people on the micro-blogging platform generally follow and engage with people who share content on topics they are interested in. Keeping your eyes peeled for positive press (and sharing your opinion on the reported topic) before anyone else increases the chances of your followers sharing your tweet with their own followers. 

If you can, create and add your own hashtag to your comment on the breaking story. If the topic eventually goes viral, as its originator the hashtag will always be associated with you.

With that said, be careful with being the first to break controversies as that can expose you to wrong audiences and suck your brand into messy debates. Stick to sharing content that informs and empowers your core community.

Tap into other Trending Topics

Social media survives on content. Yet, creating unique and shareable content is expensive and takes time. A trend that is quite popular nowadays is to tap into already trending topics by searching for conversations in your target keywords and by monitoring hashtags in your niche. 

With this tactic, you don’t have to create any content. You are tapping into a tweet/subject that is already popular by adding your own voice. But, this requires a witty disposition. Tweets written in stuffy officialese don’t normally trend.

Again, be sure to avoid jumping on to conversations that trivialise sensitive issues or that offend a certain gender or religion. Also, stay out of topics that are outside the scope of your own digital marketing strategy and those that do not offer any value to your community.

Show a Human Face

Nothing attracts goodwill for brands better than a perception of social consciousness and empathy. Adding your voice against social injustices and excesses by public institutions can endear you to people who value liberty and equality. 

However, for corporate entities, social activism has its limits. Show your passion for equality and fairness without being belligerent. This way you can build a less conflicted and more engaged community that is eager to share your content and amplify your voice. 

As a digital marketing franchise, worthy causes to champion include protection of personal data and access to broadband for marginalised communities.

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