Content marketing is a crucial component of your overall digital marketing strategy and as an Internet Marketing Consultant you undoubtedly want to deliver the best possible results for your clients. The way we write and present content has changed drastically with the rise of the Internet, especially social media sites, so we’ve put together a list of four tips that can help you improve your content marketing strategies.

  1. Identify your target audiences before you start writing content. There’s a good chance your client has multiple audiences and you’ll need to do your best to find out everything about them. You’ll want to know what kind of products and services they search for, what keywords and key phrases they use, even what they like and dislike. The more you can get into the mind of the customer, the better targeted your content will be.
  2. Create an editorial calendar and stick to it. Ideally you should be updating your clients’ websites weekly with fresh content, so sit down ahead of time and create a week-by-week editorial calendar with different topics and issues. When it’s October and you know what content you’ll need for December, you can plan ahead and not fall behind.
  3. Take advantage of SEO. Search engine optimisation reveals the most searched keywords and phrases related to your clients industries. Use this valuable data and integrate the keywords and key phrases into the content, but take care to make it sound natural and not overdone.
  4. Integrate social media into your content marketing strategy. Great content doesn’t have to be confined to a blog or a website – Tweet it, post it on Facebook, share it with contacts on LinkedIn and more. Consider your audiences for each social media post and be sure to integrate some top keywords and key phrases.

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