Does your country or region have a certain holiday period coming up? Take the lead by incorporating the festivities in your clients’ digital marketing strategies. Here are a few ideas:

Promotions, giveaways and prizes 

Everyone loves a freebie. You can launch a “Spring Special” or celebrate any holiday/seasonal event by hosting a free giveaway or promotion. The best way to incorporate these types of promotions in your digital strategy is to encourage engagement (and not simply pick a random winner). For example, you could host an “Easter Egg Hunt” on your website, asking people to find carefully hidden words or images and submit their answers to you. If people have to put in a bit of effort for a prize, they will be more engaged in the content you send about the promotion or the winners of the giveaway.

Showcase your festive spirit across all platforms 

If it’s Christmas, add a few snowflakes to your website design. If it’s Halloween, post a few articles about Halloween on your social media profiles. An internet marketing strategy that’s flexible and incorporates current events has a way to humanise a brand. It doesn’t always have to be about business and sales.

Adapt your content posting schedules 

Have you noticed that social media fans and followers are more engaged with your brand during festive periods? What time of day do they normally interact with you? Adapt your posting schedules to suit their preferences and take advantage of the festive cheer.

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