The COVID-19 epidemic has every single industry, including digital marketing franchises. As the world gradually starts to reopen, and people return to work, we all need to take stock and see how our business environment has changed and how we can adapt to the “new normal.” The way we do business has changed – probably irrevocably – in the following ways.

Cloud and remote work are the new norms

Before the pandemic, companies were toying with remote work and were already using cloud-based solutions quite extensively. Now that the outbreak has happened, businesses are adopting these ways of working ever more rapidly. Managers who previously were reluctant to accept remote work now face fewer alternatives. Luckily, the state of technology is such that it can support these new ways of working. There is greater efficiency and control in these methods than ever before. 

Agility is the new focus

The pandemic and its economic fallouts have created a business environment that is more volatile than any we have experienced in the past 70 years or more. The only way to navigate such treacherous waters is to be fast and agile and can change course at a moment’s notice. This means a process of reinvention, reformulating goals and priorities, reassessing the market and your place in it, and changing course as needed. The days of relatively stable corporate identity and function are gone Businesses – especially smaller ones – will have to hustle more than ever and be more imaginative.

Reskilling and redeployment are the new solutions

In line with this new agility, companies and individuals need to be prepared to change with the times. You may find there is not the same kind of demand in the niche you previously occupied, so you have to find a new one. Workers may need to retrain in new skills to stay relevant in the HR market. So long as employers allow for this new flexibility, it can lead to an exciting time of both personal and organisational growth, both of which are essential to economic recovery. 

Digital marketing agencies are ahead of the curve due to the nature of the work. These agencies are digital natives that are weathering the storm better than many other businesses. No matter what happens to the rest of the business world, companies will continue to need social media marketing, SEO, and effective digital marketing strategies, which these agencies can provide. So buying a digital marketing franchise could be an excellent way to move into the future and insulate yourself against the trials of the post-COVID-19 era. If you are interested in purchasing a WSI digital marketing franchise, contact Unibit Solutions.