High-quality copywriting is a must for any website that wants to improve its search engine ranking, increase traffic and reach target audiences. If you’ve ever visited a poorly written website then you know how frustrating it is to find the information you’re looking for and you probably clicked away and returned to your search results. Copywriting ensures this doesn’t happen to your clients and it also incorporates key search words and phrases used by your client’s target audience.

Here’s how copywriting increases blog traffic:

  • Digital marketers often perform an industry analysis that reveals the top-ranked search words and phrases used by people searching for companies like your client’s. Using the data they make a list of keywords and key phrases for copywriters to include in the content. The copywriters then create content, weaving in the keywords and phrases throughout, increasing the chances visibility in a relevant Internet search.
  • Copywriters write clearly and for all audiences. If your clients have a target demographic or want the text to have a specific tone, copywriters can produce the results they want. Writing for your target audience isn’t necessarily easy and many people settle for sub-par content that doesn’t get them noticed.
  • Regularly scheduled copywriting keeps your clients’ blogs current. In order to remain high in search engine rankings, your clients should add to their blog or “News” section of their website every week. Websites that consistently add fresh content perform better in online searches.

Professional copywriting also saves you valuable time. It’s practically impossible to get a busy client to sit down and write an article or a blog post about an industry issue or a piece of thought leadership, so having a copywriter handle the job is an ideal solution.

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