Email marketing is still one of the best ways to get qualified leads, sell more and engage with clients online. Many people prefer to be contacted via email, so the fact you are engaging with people on their preferred medium is only one reason why you should be using email marketing as part of your client’s digital marketing campaign.

Make sure you consider these steps and tips when embarking on an email marketing campaign for your clients:

Get permission

Don’t send out emails far and wide. Make sure the database you are using have subscribed or signed up to receive communication from your client. Rather market to a smaller group of people than adopt a hit-and-miss approach to send communication to the masses.

Make your content compelling

If you’re sending an email, make sure you have something important to say. Advertising a promotion or special is a great reason to send out an email. Advertising the appointment of a new secretary – not so much. Make sure you’re sending relevant content to people who are actually interested in what you’ve got to say.

Measure your results

The only way you can determine whether you’re achieving your goals is if you measure your efforts. Sit down with your client and ask them what their goals are with the campaign. Do they want 30% more website traffic? Do they want to sell a certain number of products online? Do they want people to forward their information to a friend? Once you’ve got clear, measurable goals, you will be able to craft a message and measuring strategy that supports this.

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