Building the dream team for your digital marketing agency needn’t be a difficult task.

One would think that it’s simply finding an experienced and talented individual, then convincing them that they should be working with you, and finally signing that employment contract. Then, all that is needed is to keep them smiling, and they will produce excellent content marketing and social media marketing to drive your digital marketing strategy.

No! If it were as simple as that, then every business just starting out, would have a highly successful team driving their digital marketing agency. Finding the right team members is highly important.

How do we find the right person to fill the position, you might ask? Here are a few suggested steps that you can take: 

    • By ensuring that your workplace is an attractive one to work in, you will improve the chances of finding the right candidate for the position.
    • Take a look at your competitors and see what makes them successful. Consider soliciting individuals with similar positions and functions as their top employees.
    • Take advantage of the knowledge of your current employees. Who knows better than them when it comes to filling an open marketing position?
    • Use every channel open to you to find the right candidate. Social media allows for easy connections with potential talent globally.
    • Online job boards are a great place to find candidates with specific skill sets. By posting a job with specifics you will attract someone with the exact skills you require.
    • Paid advertising on Facebook allows your job post to target individuals in their feed. This could ensure that your candidate suits your required skills, region and interests.

Digital marketing and SEO used to be easily handled by one or two competent individuals. But that is becoming increasingly more difficult as social media marketing and content marketing strategies become more complex and increasingly cut-throat in the industry. Quite simply put, there is just too much for one or two individuals to handle in a day, as they don’t have the time or enough hands, to get through the workload efficiently. 

When building your digital marketing team, it is important to focus on three primary areas:

  • Acquisition

Lead generation strategies and acquisition strategies will be the primary responsibility for this team. Their duties will require them to seek out new customers through organic and paid campaigns, as well as keeping an eye on the analytics and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Revenue

Obviously, the primary goal for any business is to generate money, and this team is responsible for maximizing profits through constant testing and optimizing your conversion rates by focusing on email marketing strategies and driving traffic to your website.

  • Content

By constantly sourcing fresh, new ideas and creating and managing interesting and engaging content, this facet of your team ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

In conclusion, we can say that you should utilise all avenues when putting together an engaging team for your digital marketing agency. Don’t be scared to go against the grain when searching for the correct person to fill the position.