A beautiful, well-run hotel is not enough in today’s digital age. A digital marketing strategy, including a constant and high-quality social media presence, is essential to retain customers and attract new ones. A digital marketing strategy includes email marketing, social media, website management and mobile apps and interaction.


The first and most obvious step is to develop an eye-catching website that allows customers to book online. Research shows most travellers go straight to a hotel website before deciding where to book, so if yours is below par you’re doing yourself out of a lot of business. It’s imperative you ensure your website is optimised for mobile use.

Online reviews

Hotel review sites, such as Trip Advisor, play an integral part in your online marketing strategy and can either damage or promote your business. Staying on top of comments on these sites and responding to any complaints immediately and professionally, will ensure your online reputation remains undamaged.

Social Media

Your social media campaign should include at least one of the popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Instagram and Pinterest are the best options when it comes to showcasing food and attractive hotel rooms. Facebook and Twitter are excellent for getting to know your customers on a more personal level and interacting with them on a day-to-day basis. Facebook also gives you the opportunity to promote special offers and discounts which your followers can then share easily.

Offer engaging content

The hotel industry offers an abundance of interesting content that can be linked to your hotel and shared with your customers, from local attractions to special offers at nearby museums and shopping centres, the scope for shareability is huge. Make use of it and you can draw customers to your site like moths to a flame.

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