The online marketing world is rather new, so the chances are high that you will be hiring several Millennials to work at your digital marketing agency both now and in the future. Here are tips for keeping them engaged and ensuring a happier, more productive workforce.

  • Invest in Them

Most Millennials are incredibly ambitious, which means that they will only be happy working at a digital marketing agency if they feel that they are moving up and learning new, valuable skills on the job. Knowing this, do your best to send them on a course or to a relevant conference whenever you can. Not only will this lead to a happier worker, but your agency is sure to benefit from the additional skills that they acquire in the long run, too!

  • Offer Incentives

Incentives work great for workers of all generations; however, they are especially helpful when it comes to inspiring Millennials to put in those extra hours. Just be sure that the incentives appeal to their generation – if all else fails, a little bit extra added to the paycheck certainly won’t go amiss!

  • Consider Teambuilding

Millennials are still young at heart. Use this to your advantage when it comes to keeping them happy by organising a few fun teambuilding events. Fat suit sumo wrestling or bubble soccer are both great ideas and will help your teams to bond and get to know each other better – both of which are extremely conducive to creativity.

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