Employee engagement can make or break your digital agency or franchise. While it may seem like a lot of effort to ensure a high percentage of your staff members are engaged, the ones who are engaged are the ones who are passionate about their jobs, treat clients well and who are willing to go the extra mile for your business.

A number of research studies show that the majority of staff members are unengaged, so this is arguably one of the biggest sources of untapped potential in any business. Here are a few ways to go about fostering more employee engagement at your company:

Show people you respect them

People are complex beings and they each have their own set of talents, career goals, personal goals, histories and set of believes. These things not only drive their motivation, but it also impacts their attitude, well-being and personalities. Showing people that they are respected as individuals and showing an active interest in them as people can have a direct impact on how they feel about their jobs and the time they spend in the office.

Ask them for input

Start by launching an employee engagement survey. You can easily create this survey yourself by using a tool like Survey Monkey. Ask them for their opinions about leadership, the company culture, the work they do and about their career goals. The data that you seek to acquire should be relevant and actionable within their teams.

Check your middle management

Research shows that employees feel more connected to their business units and managers than to the company as a whole. This means that you have to make sure your middle managers are equipped with the right leadership skills to motivate and engage people. Send them on courses and make sure you have buy-in at this level if you want your vision and mission to be carried down to employees at all levels.

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