To get more online reviews, you need to ask for them. Whether you run a digital marketing franchise, agency or another type of business, you undoubtedly have a list of clients within your CRM system, on your social media profiles or in your email address book.

It is important to remain connected with your customers. Reaching out for a testimonial after doing business together years ago may seem forced or artificial. It is for this reason that you need to follow up with customers after they have received a product or service from you. This way, asking for a positive review is natural.

Another touch point that you can use to ask for a testimonial or review is right after the sale. If they were happy with their interactions with your business, they may be willing to give you a testimonial. If your customer has reservations about the public nature of the review, you can offer to use their first name and only the first letter of their last name.

It is a well-known fact that over 90% of customers do online research before they make a purchase. If you have positive reviews online from real people, they are more likely to trust that they will have a good experience with your brand. People trust people, which is why it is essential to get positive customer reviews from your clients on an ongoing basis. Set up a reminder so that you reach out to clients on a quarterly basis and be sure to ask people for reviews for your business.

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