Gone are the days when the online presence of a business meant setting up a website and leaving it in cyberspace for people to possibly stumble upon. No matter what type of business you represent, they must have a far-reaching online presence. Here are areas where you should brush-up your digital marketing skills in 2017:

  • Social Media Marketing 

Today’s businesses require a presence on many social media platforms: with over two and a half billion users, you must be on top of the social media game.


  • Search Engine Optimization 

It is crucial that your clients are visible at the very top of search engine results. Search engine optimization is one of the fastest growing fields in digital marketing. You should work full-time on getting clients to the top of the search results.


  • Website Design 

The look and feel of your site are very important and certainly affect how browsers and searchers feel about your business. The back-end (functionality) and user-experience are major factors in people returning to your site and your business. Web design trends are moving towards flatter and simpler design with a focus on the user experience. Do not overlook the importance of web hosting.


  • Content Marketing

Creating and distributing valuable content that is relevant and consistent has shown to have major benefits such as increased sales, cost savings, and increased customer loyalty. Engaging existing and potential customers are now possible in real time and on a personal level. You can respond very quickly and keep those customers wanting more – as opposed to the hard sell (spam) that very few people read or even want to receive.

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