A website is a digital store front for a business, but many business owners don’t see the value of a brand new website. On the one hand, this logic is understandable because people rarely go and visit their websites on a daily basis and they also grow accustomed to what their websites look like. If you’re trying to sell your client on a website, here are a few pointers:

Show them what their competitors are doing

If your client has a few competitors with great sites, then it’s time to set up a meeting and show them what their competitors are doing. When they see that their competitors’ websites are more intuitive, informational, easier to navigate and simply look more modern, then it will be hard to turn down the idea of a new site.

Explain how it is an investment

Round up your facts and Google Analytics to show them how many people are browsing the site and contacting them online. It’s crucial that your client understands how much of their bottom line depends on their website and online presence.

Tell them what you want to do differently

You need to have an entire digital marketing strategy behind the idea of a new website. Come up with new ideas that would add value to your client’s clients, such as educational videos, downloadable whitepapers, online shopping carts or anything that will make the website more valuable.

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