Selling a digital marketing strategy can be very tough. Not only do you have to prove that you are an expert in the field (something that many internet marketers are trying to do), but you also have to justify the price of your campaigns when the actual ad spend won’t always necessarily be that high. Here are a few tips to help you sell your next strategy:

Get your clients out of the “cost” mentality

If your clients are negotiating the costs or willing to move to a different service provider because they offer a cheaper solution, then it’s because they probably don’t understand the value that you offer. If they understand the value that your digital marketing strategy will add to their business, then cost won’t be a major deciding factor anymore.

One way to differentiate yourself is to see what other digital marketers are offering and how they are positioning themselves in the market. By doing this, you will see where the gaps in their services are. You should also ask your client about their frustrations with previous digital marketers and explain how you will overcome these challenges with the service that you offer.

Explain the numbers

The decision makers are the people who need to be able to justify the costs, so make sure they understand how the return on investment will work. Show them how your reporting strategy works so that they know that they will have measurable data to back up your social media, paid search or any other type of digital campaign that you will be launching.

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