SEO, PPC, conversion rates…, these are some of the terms we use on a day-to-day basis. When working with clients, however, it’s important to take a step back when talking about your digital marketing strategy because using a lot of jargon could cause your clients’ eyes to glaze over during a marketing meeting.

The question remains – how do you translate your digital marketing strategy from jargon to plain English? Two ways to do this is through training and transparency.

Digital marketing training

One of the best ways to get your clients on board with what you want to achieve, is through training. Instead of talking, focus on showing them what kind of difference you can make. Instead of tailoring your training for them to understand how to do everything themselves, focus on big picture efforts, such as Google Analytics training which shows how website visitor rates are increasing, how SEO has an impact on this traffic and how many people are contacting them as a result of your digital marketing efforts.


Digital marketing shouldn’t be ambiguous. Be transparent during meetings and focus continuously on how you are adding value to a client’s business.

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