Google Adwords is among the simplest and highest-impact tools available to the digital marketer. Making use of Adwords has been known to yield ROI in the region of 300% or more. It also allows you to ‘cheat’ the SEO process and get ahead of the big brands that hog all the top spots in the search results. As an owner of a franchise, perhaps you are uncertain how to use AdWords to their fullest extent. Here anew digital marketing re the basics: 

Make it Specific

This is the beauty of AdWords. You can target specific locations, specific times of day, age, keywords, etc. If you, or one of your clients, is a local business with a concentrated target market in a small area, then AdWords is for you.

Target Specific Devices

You can decide which devices you want your ads to show up on. Maybe research has shown that your target market only uses smartphones. Well, then you can set up your Ads accordingly. You can adjust your bids to make them higher or lower on specific devices and Google will be happy to respond.

Pay Only for Results – Take Advantage of the Savings

Google AdWords is a PPC service. So, you only pay for the clicks your ads receive. No clicks – nothing to pay! It is that simple. However, you want those clicks and conversions because they will pay you much more than you will have to pay Google for them at the end of the day. In order to really enjoy these cost-return benefits, you need to prepare your PPC campaign carefully. Identify your objective (leads, sales, registrations, email sign-ups) and set up your ad material, keywords and landing page accordingly.

Setting up and using a Google AdWords account is easy. The tricky part is in the planning of your PPC strategies. Pour your creative and analytic energies into that and you will be well on the way to a successful AdWords campaign.

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