Digital marketing services are rarely things that you want to offer as a once-off solution to clients. The best digital strategies are those that have been planned and executed over time, where an agency can show a client the ongoing results that their campaigns are making to their bottom line.

With the ever-increasing number of digital marketing consultants out there, it has become easy for clients to switch to different firms on whim. Instead of trying to lock clients down in a contract, digital agencies should focus on building long-lasting relationships with their client base.

During leaner economic times, clients can be more compelled to cut ties with their digital agency. Here are a few tips to build lasting relationships:

  • Meet regularly. Sending monthly analytics and reports isn’t enough to show your client that you are working hard to meet their internet marketing goals. Even if you are meeting to discuss things that aren’t exactly related to work, this can help you to build a trusting partnership with your agency’s client base.
  • Genuinely care for the client’s business. Don’t see your agency as a service-provider, see yourself as partner of your client’s business. To do this, you need to share in their highs and lows and understand the core of their brands.
  • Help them win. If you are able to help your client win work and achieve their goals, then you will be cementing the relationship that you have developed with them.

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