Any digital marketing strategy should start with a competitor analysis. As an internet marketing consultant, you need to guide your clients through the process to determine where they can exploit opportunities in the market and where they are falling behind. Here are a few more things to consider about a competitor analysis’ impact on your client’s digital marketing strategy:

Online benchmarking

Your client might list a few key players in their industry when asked about competitors, but an online analysis can reveal completely different results. Your client’s competitors might be outranking them on services they offer (or they might not even appear in search results for products and services that they offer). These are key opportunities to show your client how you can add value to their bottom line.

User experience

Clients launch websites, add pages and sections as well as remove content haphazardly, without considering the online user experience that they’re giving their clients. Any good competitor analysis should include information about how usable, easy to navigate and mobile friendly a website is. All of these things can have a huge impact on your client’s performance.

Level of engagement and sentiment

It’s one thing to have thousands of followers and fans on social media, but a completely different thing if these people aren’t engaged with your client in a positive, encouraging way. Many business owners know they have active social media profiles, but they don’t know what type of feedback or engagement they’re receiving on these platforms. You can use this opportunity to show how you can change gears and contribute to a successful social media marketing strategy for your client.

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