Mobile marketing in 2019 is all about geofencing, which gives businesses the ability to advertise to potential customers within a certain geographic radius. While many digital agencies recruit clients from across the globe, geofencing is a worthwhile marketing strategy to pursue. Here is why:

Better Targeting

By personalising your messages based on the location and interest of your target audience, you attract people in your area. You can also use this to market your clients’ businesses. You can set the ads to appear when they are within your client’s store (or even when they are in their competitor’s stores!).

Customer Relations

You are more likely to attract customers if you provide them with relevant offers at the right place and the right time. This ensures the customer’s interest, and in turn, increases loyalty to your business.

Effective Offers

Geofencing enables you to send offers to people who are in your area. This allows you to easily analyse the responses from people and the effectiveness of your campaign.

Efficient Marketing

Location-based marketing is an advantage because you know what is trending and what people in your location are looking for. By making specific offers to people based on their location, you improve the consumer’s impact.

Better Data And Plans

In location-based marketing, you get access to a lot of data, such as which ads are performing better, which locations are more suitable for expanding your business, which services are popular in different areas, etc. This can be very beneficial if you are planning your growth strategies for the next year or so.

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