Many digital marketing franchise owners have found that their link building strategies are no longer effective and sustainable. If you are focusing on increasing your SEO campaign’s effectiveness this year, we have some advice for you:

The first thing you need to do is focus on growing your website authority without any backlinks. There are many actions you can take to grow its authority without backlinks.

Backlinks aid with the following link building objectives:

  • Increase your individual keyword rankings
  • Increase your organic search traffic
  • Increase your overall website authority
  • It can help you to get relevant and qualified referral traffic

When your website is more authoritative, it becomes easier to rank. This means you won’t need as many backlinks to rank well. You can see proof of this when a website like Forbes publishes a new article and it ranks in the first or second page of Google without any backlinks at all. This is the power of website authority.

Link building is the most capital and time-intensive parts of an SEO campaign. Since you don’t need as many backlinks to rank with an authoritative website, you will reduce your overall SEO costs.

That said, there are a few techniques that are sustainable for digital marketing:

Fix Redirect Chains:

A redirect chain occurs when a link is redirecting to a redirect (so there are three different pages that load). The problem with this is that the second page is acting as a buffer between the first page and the destination page. This technical issue is robbing the destination page of its authority. To fix this, you need to use a 301 redirect from the first to the last page. By fixing this, you will send authority and link equity to the destination page. This is far more effective than trying to get link equity to pass through a buffer.

Fix 302 Redirects:

There is some debate as to whether page rank passes through 302 redirects, and for many years digital marketers have said that you should change 302 redirects to 301s.

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