Social media marketing is much more involved than sending a few tweets or making several Facebook posts each week on behalf of your clients. As an internet marketing consultant you are probably accustomed to clients wanting big results and it’s important to explain to them the necessity of investing some money in order to get the impressive results. Additionally, using social networks won’t guarantee your clients reach their target audiences, so a smart social marketing strategy is necessary. How has social media marketing changed and how can you adapt?

  • Social media marketing is not confined to social media sites. While increasing traffic to social media sites, gaining followers and staying active on social media is important, think of your clients’ social media sites as a gateway to their main website. Ultimately, you want people to click through to your clients’ main website, not just frequent their Facebook page.
  • You need to generate great content on a consistent basis to keep people coming back and to keep them interacting. Whether it’s industry news, company news, or thought leadership, invest in professional copywriting to keep it fresh and current.
  • Give people a reason to come back to the website. The goal is to turn first-time visitors into regular visitors, so use your Twitter account or your Facebook page to direct visitors back to the main website, where you can host a discussion or provide them with engaging content that keeps them interested.

Social media provides businesses with unlimited opportunities to engage with customers and reach new audiences. One of the keys to success is having a smart social media marketing strategy.

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