Many digital marketing agencies don’t have a business plan that will serve them well into the future. Think about when you started your agency. You knew how to do something cool, someone paid you money and then you just kept taking on more and more business.

Many times, online marketers never put a concrete plan together, but the plan is everything. Do you want to keep being reactive? Of course not. Here are a few things that should be in your business plan for your agency to be successful:


You need to know what the short-term vision and the long-term vision of your agency is. Who are your big clients and what do they struggle with? What do your top clients want to become and how can digital marketing help them achieve their goals? What are you going to say no to? When you have this clarity, you will know what to focus on. So many digital marketers are all over the place, they don’t know what to say no to, and they lose focus.

Revenue Considerations

Based on your goals and what is realistic in the market, you will need to determine what you are going to charge for the digital marketing services. Many times, when people go through this exercise in a business plan they realise that they aren’t charging enough. If you are often too busy to take on new work, then it is time to get stuck into a spreadsheet to see how many new clients you need to take on to meet your goals. If the number of clients is unrealistic, then you might need to up the prices of the services you offer clients.

Make it flexible

Your business plan has to be a living, breathing methodology. Revisit it once a year and get your employees to take part in crafting your plans and vision.

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