Social media marketing is an essential component of many businesses. More and more companies are getting involved in e-commerce and opening e-stores, while some businesses conduct all of their sales online. As a social media marketing consultant you are undoubtedly aware of the tremendous impact social media can have on a company’s success and partnering with Unibit Solutions, a white collar internet marketing company, may benefit you and your clients in many ways.

When you partner with us, we take over all aspects of social media marketing and we will provide you with an optimised social media marketing strategy to help your client reach their business goals.

Common hesitations that may prevent you from partnering with us include:

  • Not being certain about who will communicate with your client, us or you.
  • Taking time out of your busy day to proofread the content and quality check the content.
  • The belief that working with us will cut into your profit margin.
  • Not being comfortable relinquishing control of your client’s social media accounts to us.

Although you may have concerns, we want you to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are working with a team of social media marketing experts. We understand your concerns and the unique challenges faced by social media marketing consultants, including developing a strategy, reaching peak levels of engagement and continually producing quality content that helps your clients achieve their business goals.

At Unibit Solutions we also provide a range of digital marketing services including search engine optimisation (SEO), digital branding and copywriting. We take the time to understand your clients’ SEO goals and we develop customised strategies and plans to help them succeed. All our work is done in-house and quality control is our utmost concern. Before anything can be approved you must sign it off and we double and triple check all of our content for quality control.

To find out more about the social media marketing services we provide, contact us today.