Want to improve the customer service your clients offer their customers? Then use these digital marketing strategies:

Check social media daily

People expect the same response from queries on social media as queries they log on a website or on the phone. Customer service is all about responding to your customers in a timely fashion, so make sure your clients’ social media profiles are monitored daily and that feedback can be given to social media followers.

Create open lines of communication between social media and customer service

A social media marketing manager and a customer service agent isn’t the same thing. You can’t expect a person working in customer service to be on top of every conversation which occurs on social media and your social media manager won’t always know how to deal with specific product or service queries. Make sure the person managing the social media profiles (whether it’s you or an in-house staff member) has an open line of communication with the customer service department in order to sort out any queries or issues which arise.

Make it personal

When dealing with customers online, it’s important to make each and every interaction personal. Don’t use a stock standard reply like “Thank you for your question, we will deal with it shortly.” Use the person’s name, say you’re sorry to hear about their specific issue and tell them how you’re going to sort out the problem.

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