Selling an online marketing strategy can be tough. Not only do you need an unshakable grasp of your client’s business and industry, but you need to create a clear path so that you can get buy-in for your digital strategy at executive level. Here are the most important elements of a strong online marketing strategy:


Any type of online marketing strategy, whether it’s a video strategy, website optimisation or social media marketing strategy, will require content. You might have all the ideas, plans and goals, but someone needs to sit and source content, repurpose this content, publish the content and report on the content. In the world of digital marketing, content is still very much the king.

Development and design

Your client’s visuals and brand language will play an important role in your internet marketing strategy. Your client’s customers want and expect to receive the same experience across all touch-points, so you will need to ensure that website development and design work (which can extend to social media profiles, videos, graphics and website templates) are consistent and portray a consistent brand.


Many clients are excited about the launch of a new internet marketing strategy, but things can quickly go pear-shaped if you haven’t worked out how you’re going to track your progress. A conversion specialist can help you determine goals and define a clear plan to help you achieve these goals.

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