To prove the effectiveness of your B2B online marketing efforts, you need to have a defined B2B marketing strategy. Spending some time and resources to make sure you have a concise plan will help bring in better results for your business. To form a basis for your strategy, focus on the measurable objectives and successful trends of previous campaigns. It’s vital to identify the specific target audience, define your approach to reach that audience and the techniques you will use to get your business results.

It may seem obvious, but you need to know the difference between the product or service you are offering and what your customers need or want. Your experience and knowledge may be vast on a certain topic, but if that’s not what your customers want, you are exerting your efforts in the wrong direction.

Looking at the speed that things change in the online space, you need to stay current with your customers and the technology you use to determine if your content is effective. It’s worth investing in new technology, like an eCommerce platform, website analytics, responsive web design or web content management services.

Social media remains one of the most advantageous sources for marketing and B2B marketers are now using on average 6 social media platforms, with over 90% using LinkedIn as the most effective platform. It’s a good idea to have a presence on a number of platforms to increase the chances of your content being seen by a wider audience. The importance of valuable content goes hand in hand with your social media strategy – it should be useful and shareable. Videos, pictures and mobile applications are starting to dominate in terms of how people access information and interact with it.

Here are some tips on developing more valuable content:

  • Find out who your audience is and what they need. Get to the good stuff first, today’s attention spans are short.
  • Be distinct and brief, don’t complicate your message with jargon.
  • Include your SEO keywords, but don’t include too many; 3-5 per page is enough.
  • Keep your content organised by using headings, sub-headings and images to break up text. Use social media buttons for sharing.
  • Keep tabs on your results, using analytics, so you know what is popular and on which platforms.

Effective B2B marketing does not need to be boring – using humour and authenticity are good ways to connect with your audience. These days, connections are every bit as important as sales.

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