With digital marketing really taking off in South Africa, there are many unique job opportunities for Creatives to explore nowadays. Knowing this, if you are to hold onto your digital marketing agency’s very best talent, you are going to have to do more than just pay your employees a decent salary. Here are Unibit Solutions’ top tips for effective employee retention at your digital marketing agency:

  • Incentives

Studies have shown that if employees have something exciting to work towards, they will work harder and maintain higher, more consistent levels of positivity. Incentives don’t need to be massive like a trip to Paris or anything like that – they can be small, like an extra half day off work and still make an impact.


  • New Skills

By ensuring that your employees feel fulfilled and satisfied with their professional growth, you will increase your chances of keeping them on the payroll for longer. If you can’t afford to dish out thousands to send them on courses, focus on skill development in-house by suggesting a skills exchange program. For example, every Friday afternoon, a team of professionals teach the rest of the employees a new skill – such as the designers teach the basics of a Photoshop, or the copywriters do a presentation on how to create a good blog.


  • Team Building

Usually, if a Creative feels comfortable and productive in a team, he or she will be more likely to feel like a valued part of the company. Knowing this, it makes sense to do all that you can to properly nurture your teams. Regular team building activities are a great idea and will do more than just keep team relations in good order, but will also give your Creatives a chance to get out of the office and recharge those imaginative juices.

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