Running a successful digital marketing agency can become all-consuming. The logistics of managing clients and staff while staying on top of all the latest tools, trends and technologies can quickly cause many digital agency owners to turn their focus towards working in their business instead of on their business.

Regardless of how good you and your team are, if you’re not bringing in money, signing new clients and closing deals, your business won’t be a success. As a digital marketing franchise, one thing we always tell internet marketers is to focus on selling solutions instead of digital marketing services.

The reason for this is simple, but it often takes people a bit of time to wrap their heads around the concept. While your specific services, such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Link-Building and Mobile Marketing may make sense for you and your team members, people outside of the industry don’t always fully understand it. They may have heard of SEO and paid Google advertising, but it’s not their core business.

These digital marketing services can quickly seem like ‘buzzwords’ or industry jargon that frightens people. If people don’t understand it, they’re not going to buy it, which is why you need to package your digital marketing services as ‘solutions’ instead of intricate, technical campaigns.

During your initial meetings with a client, do your best to understand what their problems are. Not ranking high in Google? Being outperformed by competitors? Not reaching their target audience online? You can package some of your services as a solution to address these specific challenges.

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