Marketing your business in 2019 has become a different ballgame. The SEO strategies that may have worked for your digital marketing agency may not be enough to generate leads, boost brand awareness and to convert customers this year. Here are a few things to consider if you are ready to relook your agency’s digital strategies:

  • The Popularity Of Facebook Ads Is Declining

Many digital marketers have reported that they are going to cut back on the amount they spend on Facebook ads this year. The reason for this is that Facebook ads are becoming more and more expensive and it is getting harder for smaller businesses to compete.

  • YouTube

Many smaller businesses are moving towards YouTube marketing. This is a great opportunity because it gives you a better chance of your ad being seen and heard. Most Facebook ads start with the sound turned off (and many people never turn the sound of the ads on). With YouTube, if you can get people to pay attention to the first five seconds that they can’t skip, they are much more likely to watch more of your ad than they would if it were on Facebook. Think about it – people are on YouTube to watch videos and people are on Facebook to scroll past their feeds. The cool thing about YouTube’s ad revenue model is that if people watch less than 30 seconds, you are not charged at all.

  • Content Clusters

If you want your website to do better in Google in 2019, this is an SEO trend that you will need to explore. Google has been moving further and further towards rewarding sites who they think cover a particular topic the best. Create a cluster of pages around your niche (such as PPC, mobile marketing, app development and website design), and link them all to each other.

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