Very worryingly, many prospective franchise owners don’t perform a proper due diligence when investigating franchises that they are interested in. Even more worrying is the fact that many people don’t know what “due diligence” means.

So, what is “digital marketing franchise due diligence”? Due diligence refers to the comprehensive review of a business that a potential buyer undertakes. The purpose of this due diligence is to determine whether the business will be of commercial value to them or not. The process of a franchise due diligence involves weighing up the cost, benefits, risk, and opportunities to make money. This process will help a potential franchise buyer determine whether they should commit to purchasing the business or not.

Some of the sources of information that your due diligence should include are information from the franchisor, current franchise owners, former franchise owners, as well as information available from third-party resources. Some of the qualitative information that you will be evaluated to determine the commercial viability of the franchise includes not only the average earnings per unit, but also the strength of the brand, the size of the system, and the growth potential of the system. You will need to carefully weigh the initial cost of the purchasing investment as well as the ongoing royalty fees that you will need to pay versus the amount of money that you will be able to make.

Performing a thorough due diligence will result in a better outcome for any aspiring franchise owner. It can alert you to potential red flags or reason why a specific system may not be best suited to your business goals.

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