Without good leadership, any business will get stuck in a rut and eventually fail. As the leader of a digital marketing franchise, you need to give your specific style of leadership some careful thought and attention. Not only do you want to get the most out of your staff, but you want to continue to win work and flourish in your field.

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review by Daniel Goleman, the different leadership styles that get results can be broadly categorised as follows:

  • Authoritative:

Leaders who mobilise people toward a vision.

  • Coercive:

Leaders who demand immediate compliance.

  • Affiliative:

Leaders who create emotional bonds and harmony.

  • Democratic:

Leaders who build consensus through participation.

  • Pacesetting:

Leaders who expect excellence and self-direction.

  • Coaching:

Leaders who develop people for the future.

From working with a variety of digital marketing franchises, we have come to realise that one of the most important character traits of successful agency owners is that they are flexible in their leadership style. Drawing from the traits of all the above-mentioned leadership styles is the key to inspiring others and excelling in your industry. At times, you will have to be able to create emotional bonds and harmony and at other times you will need to focus on developing people for the future. Being agile and adaptable in how you lead your teams will help you set yourself apart from the competition as well as to attract and retain top-quality employees.

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