When you buy into our digital marketing franchise, we are there for you. We will not leave you out in the cold. Instead, we will guide you and advise you with our decades of expertise in the field of digital marketing. We support you all the way.

Why digital marketing training is essential 

 While we like to give our franchisees the freedom they wanted when they became entrepreneurs, we know that franchise training positively impacts you, the business owner. 

Having ongoing training in a field as dynamic as digital marketing is essential. Digital marketing in this age of information includes way more than marketing ever did before. It is the dynamism and versatility of the industry that makes it so interesting. But it is those very same characteristics that can make it easy to get left behind if you are not continually honing your skills.

According to Smart Insights, 2017’s most in-demand skills were digital advertising, content creation, content marketing strategy, and social media marketing. We know that this industry changes so quickly and you – as a business owner – might not always have the time to research new trends and implement them with your team. Relying on your franchise team to help you with ongoing training simply makes sense. 

Why franchise training is crucial 

When you’re on the verge of starting your own business, you need support and assistance from someone who has been where you are, who has learned the ropes, and who has mastered the skills required to perform the job successfully. Combining a thorough franchise training programme with a good mentoring programme shows you exactly what details and strategies are valued to elevate this franchise above the competition.

Continually working to improve means that our education department is kept busy informing you about training resources and learning opportunities.

These include:

  • Supplier webinars highlighting products and services you can offer your clients
  • Regional meetings with sessions and seminars on the most impactful digital marketing trends
  • Advanced bootcamps designed to hone specific marketing skillsets
  • Online courses and certifications to expand your sales and business opportunities.
  • Our Global Convention boasts an amazing lineup of speakers who share their insights on the latest digital trends, combined with invaluable networking and collaboration within the organization.

Why a WSI franchise from Unibit is the smart choice 

With offices in over 80 locations worldwide, we truly can offer a digital marketing franchise opportunity you can believe in. For more information on how you can buy a franchise, contact us today