There are many exciting developments in the digital marketing industry. Here are a few things that are in store for internet marketers this year:

Personalised mobile app development

By now, if your clients aren’t investing in mobile marketing then they are losing out. Many companies are creating apps for their businesses and this is becoming increasingly successful. Consider how in-store apps or value adding apps can increase client engagement to come up with a smart way for your clients to do business.

Niche social media platforms

As a digital marketer, you should be investigating all new social media platforms. While Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can arguably work well for most businesses, there’s much to be said for niche social media platforms such as Periscope and SnapChat. Make sure you’re able to expertly advise clients on new platforms that would benefit and engage their target audiences.

More engaging content

Writing and producing content for content’s sake is a thing of the past. The best digital marketing campaigns invest a lot of time and effort planning and executing highly engaging content. Content is still king, but engagement is becoming the key differentiator.

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