Advertising your digital marketing franchise may not seem like something you need to think carefully about. Digital marketing is your niche, after all. If you need to decide between using Google and Facebook advertising, then it is important to understand some of the key differences to help guide your decision-making process:

Google is intent-based. If someone types “buy a cheap laptop” or “cheap hotels in Cape Town” into Google, then Google will display advertisements that are related to this search query. If someone types ‘household insurance’ into Google, the chances are good that they are looking for home insurance.

With Facebook ads, there isn’t really an intent. If you want to sell household insurance to a lot of people, then creating an advertisement that reads “Get discount household insurance now!” will not work. People are on Facebook to connect with their friends. They want to look at pictures, videos and people’s walls. It is for this reason that Facebook ads don’t convert the same way they do on Google.

When targeting people who are searching online for a specific objective, such as needing accounting or consulting help, Google AdWords is often your best bet. If, however, you are targeting a broad audience, then Facebook is an amazing platform to do so.

Your audience on Facebook will also greatly determine the type of ads you use. If you can target business owners by showcasing a new digital marketing service that can revolutionise their business, then Facebook is a great way to get your message across. With Google ads, you will be targeting people who want a specific service that your digital marketing franchise offers, such as SEO, content marketing, mobile marketing, etc.

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