When starting a digital marketing agency, there are very few things that are as valuable as having a mentor on your journey to success. Your ability to secure the right mentor could mean the difference between making it and failing miserably. Those who underestimate the power of mentorship are less likely to succeed. By definition, a mentor is someone who offers his or her wisdom, knowledge or advice to someone with less experience. There are multiple types of mentors, but the concept stays the same. A mentor is someone who has already walked the same road you plan to walk and that can, therefore, actively help you to speed up the process. You can have multiple mentors at the same time – you can even have dedicated mentors for different aspects of your life, such as a mentor for your health, spiritual well-being, business accounting, digital innovations and digital marketing strategies.

• They’ve Been There and Done That

If you choose your digital marketing mentor wisely, you will find someone who has not only already grown his agency to success, but that has also helped many clients harness the power of the internet. When you are mentored by someone who has already achieved what you are doing, you can be guided away from pitfalls and steered on the track to success by a pro. 

They’ve already made mistakes and found creative solutions. A mentor will share these insights with you, decreasing the time it takes you to reach their level and maximize your success.

• You Can Talk to Someone Who Is an Unbiased Third Party

A mentor should be straightforward and provide unbiased advice. They’re not your mother and will not put your personal feelings above the facts. This is incredibly important, because most people around you are emotionally invested in you as an individual. However, a mentor has the ability to look at the past and judge your efforts for what they really are.

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