The digital marketing landscape continues to change each year. Your clients’ needs change, their industries change and your marketing strategies and service offering needs to adapt with the times.

Providing internet marketing training as a service is a largely untapped resource for internet marketers. You’re used to providing services and measurable goods and maybe you feel you don’t really have the expertise or personality to stand up and provide training. There are a few reasons why you should consider offering digital marketing training as a service:

There’s money to be made

Many businesses want their sales teams and executive committee members to be more active on social media. You can give training which includes optimising LinkedIn profiles, how to tweet industry news to gain more followers or how to create Pinterest accounts that offer likable and sharable information. You will be able to provide value to your clients and charge a fee for this service.

You won’t be taking business away from yourself

Some digital marketers are weary of offering digital marketing training because they fear their client will start to handle their internet marketing internally (as opposed to outsourcing the services to you). This couldn’t be further from the truth. You will be positioning yourself as an expert and the go-to person for advice about online marketing and strategy when you are the person who gives people their company training.

A more engaging digital strategy

When you’ve got more of your clients’ employees on board, they will be able to contribute to your digital strategy by helping produce more content and sharing your content online. This will lead to a more engaging digital strategy for your clients.

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